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give them to me, all of the animes

let's talk about anime ( ◔‿ゝ◔`)/

im watching:

shiki, togainu no chi, kuragehime (princess jellyfish)

but i'm mostly gonna talk about

togainu no chi

don't be fooled into thinking these are coherent reviews or anything. also, may contain spoilers for all three, up to their current episodes, and lots of togainu spoilers for everything.

man so ok. i started watching shiki because gackt does a voice in it and i was like "this is a show i've heard of" and now i'm OOOH SO EXCITED TO SEE IT EVERY WEEK. JEEEEZ MAN. besides the character designs being kind of derpy i like it a lot it's just... an exciting series.

i like the incredibly desolate feeling you get as the characters start to realize what's happening to their village, while they're surrounded by people who have no idea. dr. ozaki is really intense and being totally awesome in the series right now. and it's really hard to watch characters who were struggling all along eventually succumb to death, and yet the story continues.

NATSUNO AND TOORU....... natsuno and tooru's relationship in the series is what really hooked me. their cute friendship BEFORE tooru's unfortunate vampire circumstances is okay but not really the interesting part. but what happened to them AFTER... it's really. dramatic. and. tragic. secretly they remind me of ultra-lite versions of akira and keisuke because of their personalities and tragic circumstances. and when i was watching that part of the series i was angsting a lot for akira and keisuke


the togainu no chi anime
kind of. the animation is LARGELY VERY BAD and the story is HIGHLY CONDENSED AND NOT VERY WELL TOLD but




SEEM TO BE GOING down the keisuke path ;A;(\

or at the very LEAST will not kill him off
there are a lot of MAGAZINES with keisuke and akira on the cover right now so uh i am hopeful.

i don't post a lot here about togainu no chi
under the guise of not being obsessed with BL 24/7 i try to keep it under wraps

but the truth is that ever since i picked up the TnC manga last march i've been quietly infatuated with the manga adaption by suguro chayamachi. it's being released by tokyo pop rrRRrreally slowly, so volume 5 had just come out when i started reading, and volume 6 just came out last WEEK. don't be fooled into thinking i am a good person who was waiting for tokyo pop, i simply couldn't find scanslations of the manga. why? because no one gives too much of a shit about it because there aren't boys fucking in it. it's relatively light-BL and focuses more on suggestive fighting (my favorite)

though i waited for volume 6 i still ended up being spoiled for the next volume, which will be out god knows when, in which apparently keisuke, my FAVORITE CHARACTER, dies and the manga starts to take the path of shiki, the character i hate the most. well, i don't hate shiki, i'm neutral towards shiki (i don't really know his whole dumb story but i'm hugely biased and i am sure it's terrible), but i hate his fans-- they all want keisuke to die so that akira will end up with shiki even though shiki is lame as fuck and wears a shitty pleather costume and has red eyes GIVE ME A BREAK


so the no-budget worst-show-i've-ever-seen-done-by-A1-pictures-studio anime looks like it's taking THE PATH I WANT IN WHICH MY FAVORITE CHARACTER MIGHT NOT GET KILLED OFF

so i'm forced to accept it, while the manga, which is beautiful and lovely and honestly does a better job of portraying keisuke's character and his relationship with akira-- i am guessing slays him in the name of drama and making it possible for the more popular plot route to happen /)_(\ i started reading that manga while my mind was totally lost on thesis, so i hyper-focused on it for most of this whole year, and managed, until last week, to keep from spoiling the direction it was taking. i'm gonna keep reading, but mainly in the hopes that uh it'll at least like... honor his memory. with sadness. i don't know.;;;;

o-ok i didn't mean to type that much about keisuke.
end togainu spoilers

begin jellyfish princess....spoilers?

also i'm watching jellyfish princess, since it's a show for nerds, about nerds, i thought it would be all fun and relatable like genshiken, but it's not exactly, it's becoming an awkward love story instead. which is ok. but all the girls are SO awkward that it's not even relevant to me, and i'm pretty fucking awkward. so i'm not sure of the type of person who can watch this and feel exceptionally close to the characters, but i'm just glad it isn't me. it's still a good show and is really cute and touching in a lot of ways, it's just no genshiken.

end of all spoilers

the three ladies of the apartment known as gay camelot have been watching (or for all but one, re-watching) ouran high school host club this week so i was in the mood to listen to the songs i have from it. as i waited for the elevator at my office building this morning, my boss showed up behind me and held his hand out, demanding to know what i was listening to and he wanted to hear. i stammered that it was "anime music" with deep shame. and while "sakura kiss" is leagues away from being the worst thing i could have been listening to at that moment i still felt as though it epitomized me and i guess that his respect for me probably lowered in those 4 seconds he had it up to his ear.

earlier this week, he went to go see Tangled, and loved it (as did i!) though his only complaint was that "the eyes were too big."

"the eyes were too big!" he said "didn't you think so? they've seen too much anime!"

"i've seen too much anime" i confessed.

it was true.
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