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last month

ddddddddrrrp last mont was the first time probably since i got this thing that i went a whole month without posting to LJ even ONCE. to be honest LJ is bumming me out with all the russiabots and feeling that most of my flist no longer uses it very much either, but i still like posting for archival reasons.

my new year has been good, i never posted any resolutions so that's probably why i wasn't jinxed and i ACTUALLY lost weight on my diet! i lost 10 lbs for katsucon with some non-extreme dieting over the course of one month. i apparently only seek to better myself physically for cosplay, so it's a good thing i'm still doing that. i spent a couple weeks working on what i aim to be the Ultima Cloud Wig (it's close, but needs some work-- PICS IN THE NEXT POST) and now i'm planning for otakon so i'll have a reason not to fall back into slovenly fatness (lol 10 lbs is my range for feeling decent and feeling like a whale ugh)

my austin vacation was awesome, but by taking so many days off work i am now SUPER BROKE all the time and haven't caught up on my loans + rent. uhhhhh and work is going well, coworkers are still awesome. i bought kingdom hearts re:coded and it sucks. it's really boring but they occassionally throw in something AWESOME like side-scrolling traverse town or bits of costumes for the Avatar Kingdom T_T t-tiniest cloud;;;; but i probably won't ever finish it because i picked up tactics ogre and it makes my eyes water with FFTactics nostalgia and akihiko yoshida's art is so fucking good i could and will cry about it all day long.

next post will be katsucon photos since i didn't wanna junk up a con post with whatever paragraphs of unelaborated nonsense i just typed about here #coolstory
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