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not an april fool's post

i wanted to do a funny gagster laughriot post of course AS ALWAYS, ALWAYS THE PRANKSTER for april fool's day but i ended up doing a completely ridiculous freelance project instead and ran out of time

SO THIS IS A GENUINE POST to tell you what i am doing tomorrow

i'm going to the Distant Worlds concert with kanna and jisuk, and as a birthday present from jisuk (THANK YOU JI!!!!) who upgraded my ticket, i will also get to meet and greet and get an autograph from mr. nobuo uematsu

I'M SO EXCITED im already crying. my mom mailed me my FF7 soundtrack from home, it's always been a treasure but now... *_*... aaah, i can't believe i'm going to get to meet one of my heroes. I hear at least one song by Uematsu probably every day of my life u_u (and not just because i have them set as my alarm clock on all devices)

i'm gonna play so much dissidia012 on the way to work, so much.
Tags: ff7, final fantasy, nobuo uematsu
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