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katsucon 2012



it's leap day, so, like my posts, only happens once every 4 years.
and it doesn't count.

warning: no photos of me in a cloud costume
just other costumes

ok first are NOT katsucon photos, you've been tricked. these are photos of some glasses i bought at the american girls store. i bought them for akiya:

but i misjudged the size of his tiny head.

so i put them on other things in my room to make them smart

turns out they are magic glasses and all of these items came to life immediately upon donning them. go figs!! anyway

here's a cat

(jisuk's cat, napoleon)

uh here's some progress pics of the GIANT SHURIKEN THAT SAYS ANIME ON IT that i made for my tiger & bunny cosplay of ivan/origami cyclone:

OKAY now we're at katsucon. katsucon is the best con, mainly because it takes place at the gaylord hotel in the DC harbor. i want you to imagine a huge perfect temperature glass atrium in the middle of february, sunny enough and with enough trees to make you feel like you're outside WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING TO GO OUTSIDE, crawling with little girls dressed like hatsune miku. sound like paradise??? you bet your ass it does

ACTUALLY it was crawling with kids dressed as homestucks (also mainly little girls)
i, seriously, holy fuck. i'm not like, caught up on homestuck or whatever and i barely know what a troll is. but i think i know every troll because of all the cosplayers. this isn't just at conventions. i went to karaoke with my friends and there was a homestuck meet-up of about 40 of them. at karaoke. in COSTUME. there were way more homestucks than any anime cosplay. it's fucking weird.

FFT ninja holy shit

there was a lot of tiger and bunny

No. 6 cosplay!

HOLY SHIT DEADMAN WONDERLAND COSPLAY. I, DUDES, YOU GUYS. i've only ever seen hot dudes cosplaying from deadman wonderland (and this is the 3rd one, ever). no wait, at otakon there was also a tiny girl cosplaying a HORRIFYING tiny girl from that show. like, she was too young to have seen the scenes of her character. anyway. this show rules and it cut off at 11 episodes for some weird reason and i miss it.

bride's story cosplay! her outfit was fucking phenomenal, i haven't even read this manga but i have stared at this artwork for hours so i recognized her immediately.

everyone in this photo is awesome

speaking of neku jesus christ you guys twewy characters gonna be in the new kingdom hearts game. i pooped a little when i heard


this sephiroth was too busy being a nerd to let me take his photo so this will have to do. might have been a nice costume??????

ok so friday night i cosplayed from shiki WHICH IS SOME SHOW FROM 2010 NO ONE WATCHED (gackt does a voice in it so maybe a couple people watched it) but i got creepily obsessed with AND STILL AM AND I DON'T FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY. it has nothing to do with gackt.

no one recognized this costume at all but i love my natsuno wig so much i was just happy to be wearing it. i got kanna to cosplay it too but she didn't hold still long enough to take any pics >:(


the most amazing thing that happened all con was friday night, we witness a dance-off between two guys cosplaying members of the jabbawockeez dance troupe and some random kids who could breakdance like nobody's business.


i took quite a few vids. which i should upload sometime

ok on to saturday

a lovely butz first thing in the morning


can you spot the ouran twins

T_T CLEARANCE KEISUKE. and kiriwar. and motomi. what is this, a sale for THE BEST CHARACTERS. ARE WE HAVING A THE-BEST-CHARACTERS SALE.*

*said through tears

there has never been a more fitting backdrop for any costume i've ever done

kasey being amazing at the T&B photoshoot

what the fuck super perfect FFXIII-2 cosplay

GUYS that suguro is cuter than ACTUAL ANIME SUGURO. when do you ever see someone who is too cute to cosplay a character.

the shima is EXACTLY the right amount of cute

even the phrase "arrested development cosplay" is soothing to say. out loud

not a wall of pocky but still a perfect origami cyclone backdrop


me and kanna bein kawaii

this emperor lelouch robe was good which is why i should have cropped this photo at the feet


someone at the masquerade proposed to his girlfriend on stage ;w; pretend you can tell that's what's happening in this photo

and CONGRATS DUDES WHO WON BEST IN SHOW *__* jezeroth yuushi


after the masq we had wine and pizza and i thought it was really funny to "make gifs on my phone" which is a lot like taking photos and then scrolling through them quickly. i've simulated the experience for you here you're welcome

i hung out with wagashi in the game room and we happily played pop'n music until the anime rave started and you couldn't even hear the games. then we angrily played pop'n....

then we went to the world cosplay summit competition which was super awesome. look at all those cosplayers on one stage

KHAL DROGO COSPLAY......................

meanwhile, in the otherwise idyllic pseudo-town outside the hotel, giant spelling errors occur and are printed in large typeface


wagashi was live streaming to nico and showing them the Great American Dealer's Room when these narutos (who have been walking around in perfect formation all con) stopped to perform some well-syncronized hand movements for us in a line. not gonna lie it was awesome

a Cool Riza

me n kasey being keisuke and akiraaaa :'>

i actually like this pic

I ALSO HAVE SOME PRETTY BALLER PICS OF ME AND panjapanja in keisuke and akira costumes from ikkicon, taken with R's awesome camera.....KIM.... CAN I POST THESE? Y/N....

and that last thing you see leaving the hotel, a horrifying giant hand rising up over the harbor. the trick is to attack the hand and then the head arises from the sand and you can hit it while he's stunned. do this 3 times

whew that was long. well i should post this before it's not leap day anymore.

BYE GUYS i'll try to post again. perhaps next time i put on an anime wig #sorry
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You were pretty incognito, I'm sorry I missed y--


kskfjdskj i know right he is awesome. i saw him chillin in the game room for a while

AHH yeah i didn't see you there either but i figured you were around somewhere ;3;
Togainu no Chi! That is awesome!!
I logged into livejournal for the first time in almost a year to comment where the hell am I

but oh my god these photos are lovely TAT that hotel is gorgeous!! I want to go katsucon next year akjfaaaa a aa it looks a thousand times better than the tiny confusing con here

I have some lovely pictures of your akira costume from R's camera too that I can send *3* the internet is probably better off without seeing me as keisuke (EVERY SINGLE PHOTO OF ME IN ANY COSTUME IS A PICTURE OF ME TRYING NOT TO LAUGH AND NOT SUCCEEDING)
kdajhdjfdsjh yeah i logged in to learn that i no longer have a paid account and it left me with six icons (MY OLDEST 6 ICONS) rendering LJ nearly unsusable. but i can't make posts like this on tumblr I AM LOST IN THIS NEW INTERNET :(

omg omg you must come to katsucon, before someone does something to get us kicked out of the gaylord rjfjhfsd
it's worth it. PLAN FOR NEXT FEB ;3;

kjdjkajkdfs AW BUT SOME OF THESE KEISUKE PICS ARE COOL and you're totally not laughing (at least of the ones i bothered to touch-up and remove mcdonalds logos from). and it's ok i'm also trying not to laugh especially in the one where i am slowly eating a breakfast bar. i got all of R's pics i think, so i probably have them *3*
Oh man, these are so awesome. You look so great! I wish I coulda been there. ;'(
thanks! AAAHh i wish you coulda been there too ;A;

i was reminiscing in the hotel room about last year's plans for sarcastically steampunk cosplay
HEH wasn't it like a train smoke stack on each shoe with clocks that had gears coming off of clocks
lmao yes
and like 8 successively smaller pairs of goggles stacked on each other, the smallest pair bearing a tiny curled moustache in each lens, all of which are strapped to your top hat, which has an antenna in the center that controls a small golden airship that holds up the oversized tails of your coat as you walk. the airship is also wearing a top hat.
HAHA I almost spit up my drink reading that. Fuck I miss you dude.
I'm waiting for one of those masquerade proposals to end like this . . .

Thanks for the congrats, but I hand all the accolades over to Jesse. I'm like Mongo from "Blazing Saddles" when it comes to masquerade skits: "Dustin only pawn in game of cosplay"

But it was kick ass to see you, Kasey and Lauren at the con! We need to hang out again sometime! Maybe next time I head up to NYC?

Oh yeah, and I hope you like the FF Potion!
yeah it was awesome to see you too! :D

i love the FF potion! it goes beautifully with my shelf of little plastic dudes who would theoretically drink it if we weren't all pretty sure it would do more harm than good
please tell me you photobombed the fuck out of everything as Origami.

you look good both days, though. and lots of really cool cosplays!! and wcs *droool*. we only have like, 5 teams enter here, so it's so awesome to see a full stage.

i can already tell that sephiroth is pretty damn good because the back of his wig looks KNOT FREE AND PERFECT and so he is now better than 68% of sephiroths.
LOL NOT AS MUCH AS I SHOULD HAVE but there are definitely some pics of me standing between random people posing while checking my phone, and i hope i'm visible with my shuriken in the distance of every adventure time photo from this one big shoot by the fountain.

yeah i think the sephiroth was good... he should have known better than to be someone else's ~cosplay photographer~ WHILE wearing an actually decent FF costume and then get all "can't you see i'm busy" when people ask for his photo hahah.
though i got that a few times at this con, from photographers or subjects of ~cosplay photoshoots~ acting like they're too busy for a normal person to take their picture. if i ever get intentionally rude to someone who wants to take my picture while i'm wearing cosplay at a goddamn anime convention, i hope my spiky wig just turns on me and stabs me in the throat.
i really hope it's just like, you know at a con when it's the middle/end of the day and you sometiems reach that point where you're frazzled and stressing and your outfit is digging into your ribs and your shoes hurt and you haven't eaten? i know i've been rude to, and had people been rude to me during a con and you simply don't notice.

it's a bit ridiculous if he's actually going around the con and being a photographer, whilst in a popular costume. like, maybe one single photoshoot i'd understand.... but yeah people, it won't work well if you try to do both fully at the same time D:!!