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I'm thankful!

;3; I'm thankful for a lot of things this year, I've been suspiciously fortunate in 2010.

I'm thankful for my job, which is teaching me a lot and keeping me close to my field and was offered to me before I even graduated. My co-workers are great and I'm really lucky to know them.

I'm thankful for my wonderful friends and family, and thankful for their support which helped me make the decision to take the job and make a huge change in my life.

I'm thankful for my awesome apartment and awesome roommates that I not only get along with, but consider to be my close friends.

I'm thankful for my bro4life Kasey and her family which has been my home away from home on the east coast for the last 5+ years.

I'm thankful that I get along with my family and that my mom, dad, and brother are all wonderful people and that god willing, i will get to see them all (finally) over my holiday vacation.

I'm thankful for my health, and that I get to have health insurance for three more months to get a couple last appointments.

SORRY I JUST. A SERIOUS POST TODAY. ;3; thanks everyone ♥ ♥ ♥
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