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the new year's eve post

jeez i do this every year and all but this year i have been averaging about three posts per month so it's a little

well here goes:

2010 ROUND UP - first line or whatever of first post of each month

January - "the new year, the new decade... was welcomed in with anime"

February - "smallest possible cloud"

March - "last night, a final fantasy xiii commercial came on TV, and the adrenaline i got from hearing the square enix ~ping~ noise that precedes it cleared my sinuses and i could breathe through my nose for the first time all evening."

April - "hey guys there is like something totally worthwhile under this cut"

May - "aahh thanks for all comments to my last entry and I'm sorry to those I haven't replied to, I appreciate them all! but I was having a nervous breakdown"

June - "ugh wow. this last week of being at home was supposed to be awesome and so much fun but i've so much shit happen, all piling up i'm just feel like shit every day"

July - "reluctantly making this post without pix because i've been moved into my new apartment for almost a week now and haven't logged it into my life's save point yet"


September - "from here on, a majority of my life has been spent loving FF7."

October - "my room, queens apartment edition)"


December - "let's talk about anime ( ◔‿ゝ◔`)/"


y-yeah as usual this looks about right for my year. i like how it's ends up the way it started, a perfect circle.
i went to ikkicon on 01-01-10, and being the first thing i did this year, 2010 did end up being a pretty anime year for me so i guess the fortunes rang true.

2010 has been good to me though. i really couldn't have asked for much more from this year for me personally, though i really really hope next year is better to some of my family and friends.

let's look at my resolutions from last year:

upon toasting with my friends and family my resolutions for 2010 are apparently

-"graduate and get a good job and and that they will remake final fantasy seven"

lets see i graduated and got a good job and---- GODDAMMIT. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE

well. i tried. 2011 im looking at YOU

goodbye 2010!!
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