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just in case you had any concerns that i may have started acting like an adult in the past 2 months of not posting to live journal

the gaylord hotel is so nice, the beds come pre-strewn with high-class hooker money. beautiful, dirty rich, etc

M-MY CLOUD WIG... this represents so many hours of my life i can't even say.
it's not technically a wig, it's technically a papercraft pattern glued onto poster board, glued together and then pasted with wig fiber. i'll go over the process in case you are curious, since i took some progress photos.

this wig is based on Dissidia Cloud's hair model. it got released in time for me to do this project, otherwise i probably would have used KH1 Cloud's hair, which i don't like as much but has been out in papercraft form for a long time.

step 1 is figuring out which pieces i needed to make a suitable hair helmet and separating them. i blew them up to 600% their original size and arranged them on 8.5 x 11 files so i could do a test run with normal paper. i didn't complete my trial version, but just from the parts i did finish i thought it could be a little bigger, so for my final version i enlarged it another 8 percent (lmao this is all guesses, i'm lucky that it fit me at all) and went from there

i printed them out (thanks to roommate jisuk for letting me use her printer!) on normal paper and pasted the pieces onto some yellow posterboard. (thanks to roommate Rachelle for helping with the cutting and pasting!)

almost done! i have NO IDEA how this papercraft is possible at its original scale, i could BARELY pull it off at 600+ percent.

i think the back is so cute, also it looks better than the front because spikes are hard T_T

so i took the wig fibers, which comes as long weird curtains of hair strands, and cut them up. i used the wefts that were already together and cut long pieces off to make caulk wefts as well.
thinning out the fibers so it doesn't look chunky is important (thought in the end, my spikes still ended up a little chunky, i'll be smoothing and pointing them carefully for the next time i use the wig)

layering the wefts so as little of the construction shows as possible

i was up till super late working on this the nights before the con, so these are the last photos i have before it was finished. i used elmers craft glue (a little stronger than school-grade) but i should have invested the time to find some spray glue, which would have worked a lot better. to style it and hold looser fibers in place, i put glue on my fingertips and swished them around in water for a bit, then ran my hands through the hair and left the whole shape in front of a fan for a while.

UNFORTUNATELY (OR FORTUNATELY HEH) the wig blocks like almost my entire face LOL

so for next time i'll be sacrificing accuracy (???) for visibility. i even got blue contacts for this costume but you can barely see them with so much bangs in my eyes lmao

i also could barely hear anything even though it wasn't directly covering my ears rofl. so i'll be fixing that too T_T OVERALL THOUGH, for being a total experiment with a 50/50 chance of complete failure i'm pretty happy with it!

this is so cute ;;;;;;;;

lightning *A*

sakdskjkjds our minecraft server doesn't even have monsters but i know enough to run when i see a creeper ;_; after taking his photo

ballin dante

i'm a lazy crossplayer so i got tired of binding but still wanted to wear my new wig, so later friday night it was wall market time

another wall market cloud with a sweet set of titanic jewelry.

my excellent photography skills put to work trying to photograph a quorra tron cosplayer

stein complete with chair

an assassin's creed *__*

mycroft-san as professor layton. dude, ladies love professor layton.

saturday kasey and i did keisuke and akira cosplay but the gaylord hotel is REALLY nice so it doesn't make for very good grunge-city photo ops ;;;

K-KEISUKE at vischio castle lmao i

this is like the only photo of me in akira costume :I i need a better wig and to spend more than 1 hour making his knife, otherwise it came out pretty good;;;

i gave this sora props for the shoes which you can barely see in this pic, and the roxas props for the wig! they did a great job!


there were a lot of disney cosplays at katsucon dude. aladdin owns

i don't like ff10 or care about tidus but for some reason i love tidus cosplayers they just always look like they're having such a good time ;A;

through the jungle i spy a bunch of nerds

sorry but we all agree at a glance this looks like an old man riding on a little boy's back

this hotel is a good place for kuroshitsuji cosplay but GODDAMN

ok i'm a little soft for this ciel dress :T

OMG TEA SHOP ZUKO >A(\;;;; kyawaii



awesome KH cloud!

mario bros be ballers 4 lyfe

the always lovely and amazing alex and juli! *__*

it's just such a nice hotel;;;;;

so we were informed of a togainu no chi photoshoot at midnight, kasey and i attempted to participate but it was insane, and we consequently have almost no clear photos of anyone there or our own costumes;;

the punishers were a bit high-spirited and at least two of them were drunk, though i think it was the not-drunk one who was shoving people to the ground and screaming

we shifted over to get out of the way of whatever was happening there

rjjkdsjk i may hate shiki as a character but the cosplayers were awesome.

a nice sunday lightning-san

i screamed at them as i took their picture!!!!

p nice squall

such a nice hotel :')

season 3 sokka :D (oh yeah i'm watching avatar now. FINALLY JEEZ)

ok my last images are of some AWESOME artworks purchased from an anime cel dealer. he had a crate filled with $10-$15 hand-painted backgrounds from animes. considering how beautiful and detailed some of them were i couldn't pass it up! me, kasey, and mycroft all purchased some, i took pics of everyone's art:

kasey's two BGs

mycroft's BG

my two BGs


until we find out otherwise, mycroft and i are assuming our BGs are from dungeon hentai.

the best part of katsucon was the post-masquerade pizza party tradition, and the pre-masquerade dance party during seating, which was the most lively and entertaining i've ever seen a pre-masq room before. included a baby dressed like naruto DANCING HIS ASS OFF standing up in his chair. you can't get fresher moves. (never thought i'd say this, but "thanks, ke$ha")

so THAT'S KATSUCON. i'm already looking forward to touching up my costumes for otakon, which i haven't been to in years and am suddenly stoked for.

how is it i've been doing this shit for so long!!!!!!!
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