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how do i this thing again

oh my god live journal YOU GUYS i can't ;-;

man i miss posting here
i still check LJ but it's mostly skimming my communities for some sick animes downloads or bitchin' final fantasy news facts or neato pictures of gackt sweating

but i miss having records of all the WAY COOL STUFF i do all the time (sure) and i haven't found a place yet that i just want to use as a personal blog more than live journal.

this is NOT a "I'M QUITTING LIVE JOURNAL" post but i will say all the other places where i spread my already thin internet presence into a fine golden thread of obscurity in case you want to weave me into your tapestry of pals C:

i have a tumblr, where i tumbl: http://ahvia.tumblr.com/
it's all my own art drawings, no reblogs or quotes or photoshop filtered pictures of cake

twitter everyone knows already: http://twitter.com/#!/Ahvia
i'm MOST active on twitter because like everyone else in the world i have no attention span and

and i have and use a google+ but i literally can't figure out how to link it here. it's way better than facebook and if you wanna be google+ friends uh let me know we'll work it out (i don't know how to use the internet)


-I LOST LIKE 18 LBS SINCE JANUARY. i feel pretty good about this, and i lost it slowly so i've been doing a good job of keeping it off. i didn't do it JUST so my size 4 (urgh) cloud costume pants would fit me better at otakon, i'm sure there are plenty of other good reasons for losing weight.

-OTAKON HAPPENED. i spent most of it tabling with kanna and jisuk and peddling my lewd drawings to rotten fangirls like myself. same costume roster from katsucon-- akira from togainu (still no photos to show for it ;;;orz), ff7 cloud and wall market cloud.
i hope to never be stuck behind a table in a strapless dress ever again! it really brings out the creeps, and then you can't escape. (one guy asked me out in an awkward but normal way, and some other guy walked right up to the table and directly asked me if i was "going to the 18+ events tonight". YEAH SURE DUDE)

-my tomodachi and OG gay camelot resident jisuk just moved out of our apartment to go teach in korea for a year! i miss her and wish her the best of luck! ;w;

-still at my indie studio animation job! things are going pretty well and a little over a year later i'm not burnt out -- i still like working there. like any job it's not without troubles, but it's a good position and i'm lucky to be there, so i keep my complaining to a minimum. :]

-my mom and brother came to visit me last week and we had a great if not exhausting time. *u* my bro and i beat portal 2 co-op, that game is so fuckin good


goddammit i'm so anime right now. watching tiger and bunny, blue exorcist, no. 6, and just wrapped up deadman wonderland and dying for season 2 or whatever they need to do to finish that story URGH

i played dissidia duodecim for a while, beat the main story and all, until i realized they were gonna make me replay the previous game's main story to get all the reports and i'm like COME ON MAN I ALREADY DID THIS IN JAPANESE AND ENGLISH. i would do it too but i have too many other games to play right now

so i started PE3, 3rd birthday. aya brea is still a pretty cool dude who doesn't etc, etc (disclaimer i never finished PE1 and barely played PE2 at all) but i dunno this seems fun


here, have a square enix interview inspired announcement announcement:

me: kanna and i are considering beginning talks of announcing that we are working on a joint project together, in what may be the near future or similar timespace, that i am quite excited to someday tell you more about. (laughs) please look forward to it.

so that's all for now i guess! i think there are like 5 people left on live journal but it feels nice to just type without counting characters again. later!
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