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"a final fantasy rave"

i tried to log into minecraft but i couldn't so im gonna make a blog

i should probably post about this..... thing from last month ahahahahaha

ok so you guys know how i have like.................... a cloud costume right

well early in august my roommate forwarded an e-mail to me for kicks from a rave
about how they're putting together a ........ lemme find the quote
"We're calling it a RIDE : Radical Interactive Dancing Experience"


it's a rave in brooklyn with a "final fantasy vii theme"

with a costume contest
the prize: a trip to the bahamas, cancun, or jamaica

you know that scene from men in tights where marian is like "OH ROBIN... THEY WERE GOING TO TRY TO LURE YOU THERE BY HOLDING AN ARCHERY CONTEST" that was me

because honestly, the gamble was this: i pay a few dollars to bet that there would not be a better final fantasy cosplayer than me at a rave in brooklyn in the middle of the night, OR i lose the contest to someone with a BETTER final fantasy costume than me at a rave in brooklyn, and that sounds so awesome i am not even mad. (my hope was for "RAVE JENOVA TEARING UP THE DANCE FLOOR")

ever-bro kanna was my wingman as we ventured deep into the ass of brooklyn at fucking late at night, buster sword in tow, to find the BUMPIN HOT SPOT that claimed to have "final fantasy decorations that would transform the venue into the deck of the Highwind, DJs in custom-made costumes (including aeris, tifa, cloud, sephiroth, barret, others), FF games to play, and a storyline"

how could i not go to that

well my initial reaction upon arriving was "I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE"

after being teased by the bouncer AND will call for my costume (which i wasn't even wearing yet) i made it inside. visibly there was nothing about the place FF, and not even the decency to play FF dubstep remixes or something. we didn't even check in until spotting someone dressed like Tifa got in line just to make sure we were at the right place. i couldn't see the DJs because of all the rave fog. i managed somehow to put on my costume at super speed in the tiny, hot, single bathroom (while a line of half-dressed sweaty people waited outside)

my thoughts: "holy fuck. what have i done. why did i think this was a real thing. i've been tricked. i knew this was a plot to lure me into my own assassination. i knew it."


"is that someone in a FULL FUCKING FURSUIT?"


as kasey and i were re-evaluating our life choices, i was starting to get a lot of attention for having a ballin' costume and i started feeling more relaxed. even the bouncer from outside gave me props, saying that he "gets it now, with the whole thing on"

scenes in general are not really my scene, except, i guess, anime conventions, and i remembered that raves are basically dance clubs for nerds. i don't dance, but i like things that glow. so. i guess i could see the appeal (??)

anyway there was a good handful of people in costumes, including my favorite advent children RAVE CLOUD that had a tiny buster sword on his back that was lined with glow necklaces, and an australian accent. there were a couple tifas, some turks, an aerith, a guy with just a buster sword, a lulu, a tails (??), a wolf (???), a goku (??????), a sora, a mog, and probably a naruto or something.

the costume contest was supposed to take place at 1am in this one room, which i was sitting/standing around in for a while while my own heartbeat was drowned out by dubstep beats, which stopped sounding like music after a while and started to feel like a cocoon of noise. i suddenly had the sensation that if it abruptly stopped playing, everyone in the venue would drop dead.

a lot of people came up to me to take my picture or touch my wig or hold my sword and i was thankful that the very nature of the place didn't allow for much conversation. compliments were paid in thumbs up or an approving once-over.

as it got later and later, i finally went to ask someone at the check-in desk when and where the contest was being held -- the guy told me right in that room (where i was) he was gonna do the judging, at 1:30, and "you're probably gonna win". this scenario repeated, line for line, at 1:45. every time the music seemed like it was gonna die down, a new set would start up louder than ever, blueballing my need to get on with my evening (and reasserting my notion that stopping the music might result in casualties)

at around 2am, someone from the front desk came up to me, leaned down by my ear and yelled,


kasey had asked me earlier if i was cosplay hustling by showing up at this. i think i was cosplay hustling.

so they lead me over to the front door area for photos, and to take down my information. then i'm instructed to join hands with a tifa cosplayer who is the runner up (she's adorable and ACTUALLY SHORTER THAN ME, something that has never happened with aerith or tifas so I'm pretty sad i didn't get a photo with her)

we are lead through the tight crowd, onto the stage in the biggest, foggiest, flashing-lightiest, dubsteppiest room of them all. we're informed that the winners would be announced as soon as they change DJs. i'm standing on stage with my sword on my shoulder while tifa gets her dance on next to me. we're behind this intensely make-up'd DJ with a mohawk who is spinning some sick beats. it looked like i was in a music video for music i probably don't really listen to.

this went on for a good 15 minutes before the cocoon of music ended (no one died) and the DJs stepped aside while the MC nudged Tifa towards the front of the stage, announcing her as the runner up.

as i moved toward the front of the stage, my nerdy life flashed before my eyes and culminated in a single thought: "i wonder what 12 year old me would think if she saw 26 year old me right now"


i raised my buster sword above my head with one arm (thankful that it's so light), while a crowd of people cheered for me.


and that's how i won a trip to the bahamas! on the way home, there was not a dull moment thanks to the sword, kasey and i had conversations with strangers all the way back to queens.

um, to be honest, the end of the story sucks and is anti-climactic. i went on facebook to look for photos and learned that they had lost my information. so i sent it to them again, then went back and forth with them for a week before learning that the trip is "for one person only, three days and two night in the place of my choice" UHHHHH that sounds like a shitty trip, and also sort of dangerous. and as of this post, i still haven't received it in the mail.

BUT THE POINT is that i won it. with cosplay. the end!

here are some photos taken by a guy who clearly has a lot of experience photographing raves. i thought he had some weird dance compulsion after taking the photos, he would snap the shot and then weave it around his head oddly and i was like "can't you hold still for like a second dude". after seeing the gallery, i realized he was just using it to pick up on everyone's sweet glow sticks to add rave-mood to the rave-shots.

again, none of these photos are mine! i just stole them from a dude on facebook

i guess this is...... the aeris costume

reno be crunk

i like these pictures because this is an accurate visual representation of what it felt like to be there, especially while wearing a heavy cardboard wig that covers half my face

i think these might have been the DJs i was standing behind up on stage, it's all such a blur

bro with a pretty sick buster sword, and this is a great shot

yep it's a FF rave

the only photo i've found of my own costume hahaha
kasey diligently trying to get my purse out of the photo because she is just that used to following me around in a cloud costume

the guy organizing it told me he'd get me free tickets to the next FF event if i would "just chill on stage in the cloud costume for a while, for show"
but, i did not go to the next event.

so this happened, and i've shared it with all of you. have a nice day
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