ahvia's Journal

Ahvia, Leader of the NPC Rebellion

Ahvia, Leader of the NPC Rebellion
"Do your best, even if you don't stand out."
-Headmaster Cid

Being the leader of the NPC Rebellion is a tough job, but somebody has to stand in one spot waving their arms, and that someone is me. We're currently accepting applications for greeter at the gates of the NPC Rebellion Headquarters. If you can say, "Just up ahead are the Rebellion Headquarters, but I can't let you pass", it could be you. (The last greeter did let someone pass, and the next morning saw our hallway puzzle solved and our treasure chests emptied. We demoted him to Unsettling Dungeon Skeleton.)

scraps_junia is my sketch journal, for things not quality enough for the high standards and discerning taste of an online art gallery.

error_terror is a community I "maintain." It's under construction. Error Terror is a support group for people who are afraid of horrible glitches in video games. If you are afraid of, yet consumingly fascinated by graphical programming errors and want to share your stories and discoveries, your hopes and fears, we'll welcome you with trembling embrace!

used_potoin is ALL SQUARE ENIX COMMUNITY FOR LAUGHING and HAVING JOKES at the expense of SQUARE ENIX and FANS of SQUARE ENIX. you should definitely drop by and have a potoin unless you possess only a serious demeanor about video games

My YouTube Channel - for my animated short films.

FANDOM things

Shadow of the Colossus
Tribute to the Wanderer - @ Youtube
My animation final for school, a tribute "trailer" to Shadow of the Colossus, completely hand drawn and animated in photoshop, timed to the song "Swift Horse" from the SotC sound track by Kow Otani.

Final Fantasy VII
Advent Children Parody Subtitles
If you're an original gangsta and downloaded the bien-FF7 soft sub pirate copy of AC when it first came out, you might be familiar with the art of AC gag subs and probably know how to get them to work.
What was Ahvia doing October 2005? This.

Sephiroth x Cloud Wallpaper #1 and Sephiroth x Cloud Wallpaper #2 and #2 widescreen

and now, an important message regarding hataz, courtesy of kanna and blingee.com

♥♥♥ l0ve u cLoud hAnG iN tHeRe BaBy ♥♥♥

ps- I try extra hard to have individual icons, so please don't use them. Thanks!

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